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Myth of the Tankbuster

February 28, 2019 Guy Aceto 0

A close examination of the historical record reveals that ground-attack aircraft in World War II were not as successful against armor as many believe. The effectiveness of anti-tank aircraft in World War II is taken for granted by most writers on …

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Battle of Buena Vista

February 28, 2019 Claire Barrett 0

When Lieutenant John Richey was ambushed and killed by Mexican guerrillas in January 1847, the stage was set for a disaster unparalleled in American military history. The message Richey had been carrying provided information that could deliver an entir…

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Lost world

February 28, 2019 11th November 2018 0

Singapore is a tiny country with outsized influence. The Southeast Asian island nation packs some 5.6 million people into just 278 square miles, making it […]